Our series of hour-long Bach+ Organ Vespers is designed to show off the organ works of J.S. Bach through the inimitable voice of St. Anne’s newly-refurbished Freiburger organ. Through this series, you will understand why Bach was regarded as the “prince of all clavier players” (as a colleague once called him).  

The series continues on March 11th, at 3:00 p.m. with the third part of the Clavier-Übung series (1739), which was Bach’s first published work for organ and beautifully captured his skill in composing for the instrument for which he was so famous.   On the title page of the first edition, 1739, Bach had the following engraved:  Third Part of the Clavier-Übung [“Keyboard Practice”], consisting of various preludes on the catechism and other hymns for the organ.  For music lovers, and especially for connoisseurs of such work, to refresh their spirits, composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer, Capellmeister, and Directore Chori Musici in Leipzig.  Published by the Author.  In this volume, Bach organized chorales that outlined the German Missa (chorale settings of the Kyrie and Gloria) and the six precepts of Martin Luther’s “Lesser (Small) Catechism” (Ten Commandments, Creed, Prayer, Baptism, Confession, Communion – all six hymns used to represent these precepts are in Luther’s hymnbooks). These chorales are then framed by the grand Prelude and Fugue in E-flat, one of Bach’s most significant works of that genre.

Bach+ Organ Vespers programs are held at 4 pm (unless otherwise noted) on the following dates:
September 24
October 22
November 26
January 21
February 18
March 11 (3:00 pm on this date only)
April 15
May 20